CLEAN EATING – YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS?? Read here for what CLEAN EATING really is – and try for 2 days a week.

Clean eating, clean diets, clean cure – we’re seeing, reading, hearing this every day. There’s books, articles and even a magazine – but the fact of the matter is Clean Eating is vegan and not messing with your food. Preferably steamed but can be cooked in a minimal amount of natural oils (cold pressed) coconut, olive, macadamia oils only. People with dodgy digestion can have trouble digesting “raw” foods. Anything that’s been “touched” or “processed” in any way is not clean. Meat is not clean. Dairy is not clean. Protein shakes are not clean. Healthy bars are not clean. Sauces and condiments are not clean. Anything from a packet is not clean. Eating clean is eating the foods in their natural state – how they come off the tree or out of the ground.

What is clean? Here’s some examples: clean vegetables RNV-Red-Dragon-Fruit

Breakfast – A stir fry from tomato, onion, baby spinach, zucchini – served with 1/2 an avo. Black rice with coconut milk and mango (only a sliver of mango for Vincent) (yes both my kids eat it!).

**Fruit is NOT suitable for breakfast in kids with behavioural issues – it will ferment in their gut – give them fruit at morning and/or afternoon tea (on a relatively empty stomach, but AFTER their digestion has kicked in) ** Avoid grapes, all melons, strawberries, oranges and red apples. Go easy on apples, mango, stone fruit and bananas – no more than 2 small bananas per day. Give them lots pineapple (aids digestion), figs, pears, blueberries, blackberries (it’s REALLY hard to get berries that haven’t been sprayed to within an inch of their life – do your research!) and other low GI fruit.

Morning tea – homemade raw almond hommus (made with pesticide free almonds, garlic, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt – if your missing pepper – hit with some chilli) with vegetable sticks.

Lunch – cherry tomatoes, cut cucumber, carrot, celery, capsicum along with some nuts – macadamias, almonds, brazil, walnuts – all good fats – fill you up – stop you craving sugar. Endamame beans.

Afternoon tea – 1 x Dragon fruit – cut in 1/2 with a squeeze of lime, plus a carrot and celery juice.

Dinner – Vege’s. Cooked or raw – a big plate of vegetables, drizzle with tahini. Make your sure you’re eating green vegetables at LEAST twice a day. (Silverbeet, spinach, kale, brocolli etc)

This sample daily food plan covers all your bases – tahini, almonds and nuts for protein. If you think you need more add brown or black rice. Organic whole peanut butter (just peanuts – crushed) or almond butter. Spread on celery and eat. You can add beans (black beans, chickpeas, aduki etc but make sure they’re organic and whole)

That’s it. Eat clean, feel light.

Drink green tea and loads of water. Avoid coffee (I can’t but I have it black, with a smidge of honey). Use unrefined sea salt or pink salt only. If it’s totally daunting – just do it for 1 or 2 days a week. It’s pretty hard with kids for sure. Try it on a Friday & a Saturday in summer – it’s much easier. Be prepared and have loads of fruit and vegetables at the ready. If you are eating clean – it’s possible that you will need these supplements – Iron & B12. Metagenics make a vegan iron from chickweed, that also contains B12. If your digestion is working correctly – you won’t have any problems absorbing iron naturally from your food – mine doesn’t and I don’t. I get a blood test every 6 months. Being anemic ain’t no fun!

Nearly clean – add wild caught fish / seafood. Organic free range eggs. Organic oats for porridge. Homemade vegan flat breads (no yeast). Organic Tamari (like soy but no wheat and is vegan). Brown rice home made sushi. Roast vegetables with homemade green sauce (like pesto but better! – Recipe coming) and roasted walnuts.  Organic rice cakes with avocado. Tempeh (not tofu!).

And here’s some nearly clean food ideas for your kids – mini frittata’s (pastry-less quiche), Ze Fritters (see my blog for the recipe), Prawn’s with avocado and green salad, grilled fish with homemade vegie chips (cut super thin and baked – not fried), curry with brown rice, steamed veg with (homemade) satay sauce.

If you’re on the Gold Coast try these guys for some amazing raw food inspiration.

You will be amazed that a) it tastes freaking amazing, b) you’ll be pleasantly satisfied and c) you will be really inspired.

Happy (clean) eating….


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